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Eric Thole Criminal Defense Attorney

At  Thole Law firm, we understand that sometimes even good people make mistakes. We are here to ensure that a mistake doesn’t cost you everything.

An assault with a weapon is considered as a felony offense. If there is a conviction, you can face a mandatory jail sentence up to seven years in Minnesota. Along with jail time, you might also be looking at heavy fines. Depending upon the severity of the offense, the penalties can be increased up to $20,000 along with 10 years of jail time.

Types of weapon that falls under the deadly weapons category in “assault with a weapon” charge are:

  • Knives
  • Guns
  • Baseball bats
  • Fire
  • Club
  • Or any other that can be used to inflict serious bodily injury

Apart from the fines and jail time, you might be looking at some social consequences associated with a guilty conviction. The felons who get convicted in the court of law lose various civil rights like the right to vote and the right to possess firearms. You may also have a hard time finding good jobs or housing facilities.

To avoid a scenario like this, you need a solid defense to represent your case in the court. Mr. Eric Thole, a seasoned criminal defense attorney can help you build a solid criminal defense against assault charges, and protect your rights, freedom and future.

We at Thole Law Firm ensure to investigate the circumstances leading to an assault and arrest. We explore all the possibilities and approach the case differently. We look for identity defenses like self-defense or the lack of motive/intent from a client. We ensure that your constitutional rights are upheld at any cost.

If there is a lack of probable cause during your arrest, or if the police failed to correctly direct Miranda warnings, we will get your charges thrown out!

You can get in touch with Mr. Eric Thole Attorney At Law at 651-300-7389. Initial consultations are free.

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