Eric Thole – Experienced Violent Crimes Attorney in Minnesota

Violent crimes are a serious matter. If you have been charged with or are currently being investigated about a violent crime such as assault, sexual assault, battery, domestic violence, or terrorist threats, you need a competent and aggressive attorney who will quickly take the reins of your case and immediately begin devising a strategy that will ensure the best possible outcome. Because of his experience, his expertise, and his contacts within the legal profession, attorney Eric Thole should be the first contact you make after an arrest for a violent crime. Mr. Thole is one of the most knowledgeable and respected attorneys in the Stillwater, Minnesota area.  He has many years of experience in both criminal and civil litigation and has been a licensed and practicing attorney since 1992.

Mr. Thole attended Macalester College, a private liberal arts college in St. Paul, for his undergraduate studies and graduated cum laude in 1988 and then received his Juris Doctor from the law school at the University of Wisconsin at Madison in 1992.  His next move  was to work as a civil attorney and misdemeanor prosecutor for the cities of Stillwater and Cottage Grove.  In this position, he gained invaluable experience on the other side of the legal aisle and also developed numerous contacts within the local legal system that help him provide the best possible legal representation for his clients today.  He  worked as an assistant Washington County attorney from 1997 to 2004, and prosecuted serious felony crimes, the same crimes he now defends. He was admitted to the Minnesota State Court in 1992 and to the United States District Court – Minnesota District in 2006.

Mr. Thole first opened his law firm in 2005 and currently handles a variety of different legal matters.  His team of lawyers specializes in DUI, burglary, white collar crime, assault, battery, homicide, shoplifting, minor in possession of alcohol, and an wide-ranging list of other felony and misdemeanor crimes. Mr Thole also has considerable experience in civil litigation, with expertise in unlawful detainer matters, adult use violations, zoning issues, and employment disputes. Experience and knowledge equals expertise; Mr. Thole’s extensive knowledge and years of experience equals unmatched expertise.

Mr Thole handles many types of violent crime cases. He handles all cases with honesty, a sense of ethics, and a fair but aggressive pursuit of justice. The foundation of his practice is that everyone should have equal access to the tools of the criminal justice system; Mr Thole’s expertise can provide you with those tools. During his years of practice, he has developed a respected reputation as a knowledgeable, highly competent, and ethical attorney whose principle mission is to ensure justice for each and every client. Though violent crime is a serious legal matter, skilled legal representation can help minimize long-term consequences.

Mr Thole is proud to represent the city and citizens of Stillwater, a family-friendly community, located 20 miles wast of St. Paul. Mr Thole served on the city council and feels honored to be able to provide legal advice and representation for the people of Minnesota. He will protect a client’s rights, create a detailed and aggressive defense, and help to preserve a client’s reputation while striving to find the best outcome for each and every cleint.  Mr Thole offers a free consultation for anyone who needs high quality legal services, and his team of attorneys are ready to handle any type of violent crime case.

Contact the Law Offices of Eric Thole at (651) 439-1112

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